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Efficiently Connecting

Customers with Service Providers

Any business that has shipping needs - small or large enterprise, with any kind of volume using domestic or international carriers.

National or international corporations that have multiple regional subsidiaries and use complex logistics setup with extensive volumes.

Spot Spot deliveries are really fun with FreightZone. You will love it.

On-Board Courier providers handling any type of most urgent and time critical shipments.

Air Charter providers capable to deliver on specific freight and timing requirements.

Truck providers moving shipments with extensive reach domestically or internationally.

FreightZone Key Benefits


  • Send a request to multiple providers at once
  • Compare all quotes side-by-side on one page
  • One button click to accept and reject all quotes
  • Store all your provider information in one place

Service Providers

  • Receive fully detailed requests online from your customers
  • Quickly and easily turnaround quotes with an online form
  • View all open requests waiting for action on one page
  • Analyze past performance, history and monthly statistics

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